Our services and what we offer.

Logos/Brand Identity - It is very important to establish a cohesive look/feel for any business in order to be successful in todays marketplace. A logo and identity package are the first steps in creating a powerful brand identity. At VID, we have the ability to brand your product, and take your image across all of your publications.

Print Design - Great design is about creating a voice your customers trust. At VID, we specialize in eye-catching graphics tailored to your products or services. We'll help you add that unique twist to your work that keeps your look elegant and professional, yet unique and up-to-date.

Web Design/Development - At VID, we can help establish your presence in the most intimate of mediums, the web. We'll help make sure your web pages load quickly, navigate seamlessly and sell constantly.

Social Media Marketing - VID can help your business connect with all the different communication techniques that social media has to offer. Wether its through Facebook or your own personal blog - VID can help your business establish that interactive dialogue.

Search Engine Optimization - VID can help improve the visibility of your website. Through techniques such as identifying keywords and creating meta tags - your website traffic will increase and your business will be able to gain a better position in search engine listings.

Copywriting - At VID, we can help your business create a message that is clear, compelling, well organized and well researched. We'll help you figure out the voice of your customers and then connect to them where they're at.